Why retire or buy a second home in Panama?

  1. Panama is a beautiful country with a wide variety of world-class attractions- all close by
  2. Panama is safe.
  3. Panama is close.
  4. Panama has the best retiree benefit program in the world.
  5. Your investment will increase in value.
  6. Panama has a carefree climate.
  7. Panama has a modern American-style infrastructure
  8. Panama has no hurricanes or major earthquakes
  9. Panama has no hurricanes or major earthquakes
  10. Medical care is on a par with the United States Medical facilities compare favorably to US facilities and it is easy to find a Panamanian doctor or dentist that is US trained and speaks English.
  11. High speed internet is more available in Panama than in the United States
  12. Panama is a nature lovers paradise
  13. Panama has the US dollar as it's currency
  14. If you or your friends and family are beach lovers, Panama is the place
  15. Panama has one of the best road infrastructures in Latin America
  16. Foreigners can own property in Panama and have all the same legal rights as Panamanians.
  17. A Retiree Visa is easily and readily attained
  18. Easy-to-get-to exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, seven living Indian cultures, a Miami-style capital city, historical sites, golf, diving, rafting, sportfishing- not to mention that 8th wonder of the world and engineering marvel- The Panama Canal
  19. Panama is tourist friendly.
  20. Panama is the best place for nature travel and ecotourism today
  21. Panama has world class fishing, diving, snorkeling and sailing.